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Reference Books

1. NCERT text book of Chemistry for Class XI and XII (two volumes each)
2. E-Concept in Chemistry for Class XI : by SS Tripathy ( in the Publication         page
3. Text book of Physical Chemistry(GRB publication) : Dr. P. Bahadur 
     (JEE or NEET as the case may be)
4. Text book of Organic Chemistry(Arihant Publication) : 
     IIT- JEE Main and Advanced : DR.R.K. Gupta
5. Text book of Organic chemistry (GRB publication): Dr. OP Tandon and Dr. A.K. Virmani             (NEET)
6. Text Book of Organic Chemistry(Pragati Prakashan) : Dr. Jagadamba Singh (IIT)
7. Organic Chemistry : L. G. Wade(Jr) and Maya Sankar Singh (for higher level thinking skills)
8. Text Book of Inorganic Chemistry(GRB publication): O.P. Tandon

Revision Level Objective books:

1. NEET Organic Chemistry: Himanshu Pandey (GRB)
2. JEE Main and Advanced Organic Chemistry : Himanshu Pandey (GRB)
3. NEET Physical Chemistry: Narendra Avasti (BALAJI)
4. JEE Main and Advanced Physical Chemistry : Narendra Avasti (BALAJI)
5.JEE Main and Advanced Inorganic Chemistry : Kapil Kumar Wadha (GRB)

(IMPORTANT: Beginners should only buy one reference text book in addition to NCERT text books, not more reference books, besides our lecture notes and E-books available in this site and The Uranium site. Procuring many books spoils the minds and reduces the performance level of students manifold. 

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