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Is China-type Communism better than India-type democracy and secularism?

In 1950 China was a very poor country with a population of 550 million and per capita income of 439$ as against 380 million population and 619 $ per capita income respectively in India. The GDP%s were nearly same then i.e 4.4 and 4.2 respectively.

Now India has 1.3 billion and China 1.4 billion population and by 2027, India will surpass China and be the most populous country in the world. In 1987, GDP (Nominal) of both countries was almost equal. But in 2019, China's GDP is 4.78 times greater than India. It is now the economic super power which is at the threshold of toppling down USA any moment.

In Olympics Gold tally, now China leads the table ahead of USA, while India is deeply buried in the tally, very happy with one or two golds.

The ground reality is- India stands nowhere when compared with China.

What has happened during the last 5 decades to China and to India ? What has made the economy of china so strong and hence it is flexing its six packs against USA, Australia and all the developed nations. Forget about India, which has no pack compared to them.

Can this exponential and meteoric rise in power of China be due the one party communist rule which has been reigning supreme since Mao Zedong time in 1950s ? Although Mao’s revolution failed, his revolution perhaps received rich dividends later when the economy picked the right track after Deng Ziaoping remained at the helm of the party in 1976. Since then there is no looking back. The population was controlled with many draconian rules. May they be so, it is going to be superseded by the explosive population growth in India.

What has happened with the so-called democracy with people’s fundamental rights and freedom of speech etc. in India ? What has happened to the so-called secularism ? The appeasement and vote bank politics have been constantly crippling the true democratic fabric of the nation, all these we know, still we take pride in our democracy. What a hypocrisy !!!! Sorry guys, nothing personal.

Democracy has been time-tested since independence and it is my strong feeling that it has miserably failed in India. Very sorry guys; please do not grudge on me. Its my opinion. Let us agree to disagree on issues, may be like this one.

We all understand, that Communism has its own demerits. People cannot enjoy the true charm of freedom and therefore, there was uprising in Tiananmen square in 1989, which was sabotaged by the government with massacre of thousands of lives. Now there is uprising in Hong Kong for the same reasons. Perhaps, the time for a change is approaching for China, though not imminent, to test the delicacies of democracy !!!!!

What about India ? Do you think, this type of democracy will make any change, however, honest PM like Modi remains on top ? Can the surrounding and deep rooted polarization and hate-mongering politics usher in miraculous change in our true economy, GDP and per capita income ?

The country where street dogs outnumber the pedestrians, where cows and bulls trespass the busy roads; can we really call it a developing nation ? Yes, Modi government is very committed to bring some change ? But can he alone make it ?

Do you not think, contrary to China, which now wants to test democracy, India should be ruled by one party authority ? I don’t say it is communist party of India or Military rule or anybody. I just think, will nature, in its time cycle, do some new experiment with India ? I think, high time has come for that. What do you think ?

Is China-type Communism better than India-type democracy and secularism ?

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